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Steelmaker Realizes Operating Benefits With New Furnace Injection Equipment

1/12/2018 - Slovenian special steel producer Metal Ravne recently completed modifications to its 45-ton oval bottom tapping furnace, hoping to resolve some challenges that arose through a prior project.
Those challenges included hot/cold spot imbalances and extended melting times. And to fix them, it installed new oxygen and carbon injection technology and melting process controls.

And the result?

Higher efficiency and reduced specific electric energy consumption, shorter power-on time and increased productivity.

"The revamping experience at Ravne can be considered highly positive from several points of view," writes the team involved in the project.

The team, made up of Metal Ravne metallurgists and engineers from the equipment supplier on the project, INTECO, describe the project in detail and discuss the outcomes in a new paper published in AIST’s Iron & Steel Technology.

The paper, which can be read here, appears in the January 2018 edition.